Physics OSD Liaison

Dawn C. Love

Office: Mayer Hall Addition 2551
Phone: (858) 822-1468
Office for Students with Disabilities

OSD Accommodations

Students who are eligible for modifications, adjustments and other accommodations intended to minimize the impact of a documented disability and have obtained an Authorization for Accommodation (AFA) letter with the Office for Students with Disabilities (OSD)




Present AFA letter to instructor and department liaison at the beginning of the quarter
It is essential that students have their current quarter Authorization for Accommodation (AFA) letters sent electronically to both the course instructor and the Physics Department OSD Liaison at the beginning of the quarter, as soon as the AFA letter is issued. This is usually done automatically through The OSD office. However, please note that even though AFAs are delivered electronically, the student is still responsible for speaking with the instructor and the Department Liaison to arrange for accommodations.
Instructor contact information can be found in the Department Directory
The Physics Department OSD Liaison-Dawn Love is in Mayer Hall Addition, rm 2551. Email:

All Accommodations for Physics Labs and Classrooms are arranged directly by the Instructor. You are encouraged to bring these needs to the attention of the course instructor at the start of the quarter, or earlier if possible.

Students with special accommodations will schedule the accommodated exams directly through the Triton Testing Center (TTC). 
Please check the Triton Testing Center’s website for further instructions on how to log into RegisterBlast via SSO and how to schedule a test.

Please note: The Triton Testing center asks that your exam is scheduled at least 3 business days prior to the exam date to allow time to prepare.
I recommend scheduling all your quizzes and final exam as soon as possible, as the TTC tends to get filled up rather quickly.

For questions about exam accommodations and administration, please contact:

Dawn C. Love
OSD Liaison
Department of Physics, Student Affairs 
Mayer Hall Addition, Room 2551

Triton Testing Center 
Pepper Canyon Hall room 364, (co-located with the Academic Integrity Office. Pepper Canyon Hall is located adjacent to the Gilman Parking Structure and just steps away from the UC San Diego Central Campus Trolley Station)

The Triton Testing Center is open Monday through Friday from 8:00am until 8:00pm. 
The TTC is open on select Saturdays and extends its closing time to 10:00pm during Finals Week. We are closed on all university holidays.
Please note that all tests must be completed by closing time.


If you have any questions, please contact Physics OSD Liaison Dawn Love.