Astrophysics & Cosmology

Our interdisciplinary approach combines theoretical models, advanced simulations, and observational data to unravel the enigmatic nature of dark matter, dark energy, and the fundamental forces that shape the cosmos.



Atomic, Molecular, & Optical Physics (AMO)

Our dedicated team of scientists delves into the fundamental behaviors of matter and light at the atomic and molecular scale. Our work not only deepens our understanding of the quantum world but also has practical implications for quantum computing, precision measurements, and advanced laser technologies.

biological physics image


Biological Physics

At the intersection of physics and life sciences, our dedicated team of researchers is unraveling the mysteries of the biological world using the tools and principles of physics. From investigating the intricate mechanics of cellular structures to understanding the dynamics of biomolecules, our work delves into the fundamental processes that govern life.

condensed matter


Condensed Matter Physics

We investigate emergent phenomena, quantum materials, and novel electronic structures, aiming to unravel the mysteries that govern the behavior of matter at the nanoscale. Through innovative experiments and advanced theoretical approaches, we are shaping the future of technology by uncovering fundamental principles that have the potential to revolutionize electronics, energy storage, and materials design. 

high energy physics


High Energy Physics

At the forefront of scientific exploration, our dedicated researchers and cutting-edge facilities are committed to unraveling the fundamental mysteries of the universe. Join us in our pursuit of knowledge that sparks technological revolutions, shapes industries, and paints a comprehensive portrait of the cosmos at its most elemental level.

plasma physics

Plasma Physics & Nonlinear Dynamics

Our research delves into the fundamental properties and behaviors of plasmas, the fourth state of matter, with applications ranging from advanced energy production to space exploration. We explore the intricate interplay between electric and magnetic fields, matter, and high-energy particles, unlocking insights into the behavior of plasmas under extreme conditions.

physics department


Physics Education

Committed to shaping the future of physics education, our dynamic team of dedicated professors pioneers innovation in teaching methods and curriculum development. With a shared passion for fostering deep understanding and curiosity about the fundamental principles of the universe, we strive to create enriching learning experiences for our students.