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UCSD Physics Colloquium

Thursday, October 13

Title and Abstract: TBD
4:00PM, Hybrid: Garren Auditorium (Basic Sciences Building) and Zoom (link TBD)
Tea Time @ 3:30 outside Garren Auditorium, Tongyan Lin (UCSD)

UCSD Physics Seminars

Tuesday, October 11

Abstract: The Forward Physics Facility (FPF) is a proposal to create a cavern with the space and infrastructure to support a suite of far-forward experiments at the Large Hadron Collider during the High Luminosity era (HL-LHC). The Forward Liquid Argon Experiment (FLArE) is a Liquid Argon Time Projection Chamber (LArTPC) based experiment designed to detect very high-energy neutrinos and search for dark matter in FPF, 620 m from the ATLAS interaction point in the far-forward direction, and will collect data
High Energy Seminar
1:00PM, Mayer Hall Addition 5623 & Zoom
Speaker: Jianming Bian from UC Irvine, Title: The Forward Physics Facility and Forward Liquid Argon Experiment for High Energy Neutrino and Dark Matter Searches at LHC

Wednesday, October 12

'The Keck Wide-Field Imager as part of the future direction of the Keck Observatory'
UCSD-SDSU Joint Astrophysics Seminar
3:00PM, Hybrid: SERF 383 & Zoom registration link: Zoom Meeting
Jeff Cooke, Professor, ARC Future Fellow, Swinburne University of Technology

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