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UCSD Physics Colloquium

Thursday, October 22

The Softest Crystals
4:00PM, Zoom link: urldefense.com
Professor Randall Kamien, group link below, University Pennsylvania

UCSD Physics Seminars

Tuesday, October 20

Thermal Dark Sectors in the Early and Late Universe
HET Seminar
1:00PM, Zoom Meeting ID: 914 2674 5421 Password: 770795
Linda Xu, Harvard
SPARC and the High-field Path to Fusion Energy
Plasma Physics Seminar (SoCal Plasma Zoom)
4:00PM, Zoom Meeting
Martin Greenwald, MIT Plasma Science and Fusion Center (PSFC)

Wednesday, October 21

A Glimpse Below the Lyman Limit: New observational advances on the escape of ionizing photons from local galaxies
Astrophysics Seminar
3:30PM, Zoom Meeting
John Chisholm, Professor, UT Austin
Understanding magnetism (and superconductivity) in CeRhIn5
Condensed Matter Seminar
4:00PM, Zoom link: Zoom Meeting
Filip Ronning, Los Alamos National Laboratory, Los Alamos, New Mexico

Monday, October 26

qBio Seminar - Michael Desai
12:00PM, Zoom Meeting
Harvard: Barcoded bulk QTL mapping in budding yeast, TBA

Tuesday, October 27

Is SMEFT Enough?
HET Seminar
1:00PM, Zoom Meeting ID: 914 2674 5421 Password: 770795
Tim Cohen, Oregon

Wednesday, October 28

Inference can constrain a model of neutrino flavor transformation in core-collapse supernovae
Astrophysics Seminar
3:30PM, Zoom (TBA)
Eve Armstrong, Assistant Professor, New York Institute of Technology

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