The Physics Education and Teaching Professor Group

Committed to shaping the future of physics education, our esteemed team of dedicated teaching professors push innovation in teaching methods and curriculum development. With a shared passion for fostering deep understanding and curiosity about the fundamental principles of the universe, the group strives to create enriching learning experiences for our students. Through collaborative physics education research, pedagogical experimentation, and the integration of cutting-edge technologies, we aim to transcend traditional boundaries and engage learners in exciting new ways. Join us in our journey to inspire the next generation of physicists and thinkers through inventive and impactful educational practices.

The Physics Department has a rich history of teaching excellence and has received a total of 16 UC San Diego Academic Senate Distinguished Teaching Awards


Distinguished Teaching Award, Senate Members

2021/22: Phil Tsai

2018/19: Alison L. Coil

2016/17: Oleg Shpyrko

2015/16: Adam J. Burgasser

2003/04: Vivek A. Sharma

2001/02: Jose Onuchic

1998/99: Barbara Jones

Barbara and Paul Saltman Distinguished Teaching Award, Non-Senate Members

2015/16: Eric L. Michelsen

Barbara and Paul Saltman Excellent Teaching Award, Graduate Students

2022/23: Daniel Gonzales

2021/22: Avaneesh Narla

2018/19: Alexander Meill

2017/18: Emily M. Nardoni

2014/15: Joe Salamon

2013/14: David Stone

2003/04: Marvin Thomas Fleming

2000/21: Brian Wecht