Curriculum and Undergraduate Affairs Manager: Antoinette (Toni) Moore

Undergraduate Coordinator/Advisor: Vanessa Lopez 

Advising is available to help current and prospective undergraduate students with course offerings, enrollment, the major, the minor, petitions, transfer courses, how to get involved with research, and more!

Click here to read through the Physics-Advising syllabus so that you can understand the scope of advising you will typically receive from staff in Physics as compared to advising you will typically receive from faculty in Physics.

We offer five types of advising in Physics

Note: Advising is not available to students via phone/email. Prospective and Non-UCSD students are asked to contact email advising@physics.ucsd.edu for advice/information.

Documents must always be submitted ahead of seeking advising, as advisors need to look over this material ahead of the advising session. Click here for more information. 

Sending a message to our team of academic advisors via VAC is the preferred and most efficient way to contact our office with questions. Questions submitted via VAC typically receive a response within 1-3 business days.

During campus closures, academic departments are closed, including department VAC portals. Please submit your message once the VAC re-opens. 

5-minute in-person sessions to get urgent questions answered. This type of advising is available in weeks 0-10. 

The following advising schedule will tentatively run from October 23 through December 8, as new staff are being trained. Check this schedule regularly for updates!

Location: Mayer Hall Addition 2623 (MYR-A 2623)

Sign-in on VAC Required? No. Please sign-in at the front desk. 

Days and Times: To be seen, you must sign-in at least 5 minutes before we close.

  • Monday: 9am-11am and 2pm-3pm
  • Tuesday: 9am-10am and 2pm-3pm
  • Thursday: 9am-10am and 2pm-3pm

5-minute video advising sessions to get urgent questions answered. This type of advising is available in weeks 0-10. 

The following advising schedule will tentatively run from October 23 through December 8, as new staff are being trained. Check this schedule regularly for updates!

Location: Zoom (both your audio and video must be on and you must be able to use the “share screen” feature).  A Zoom link will be sent after you sign in and it's your turn!

Sign-in on VAC Required? Yes. Sign in after reading any/all unread contact records and academic notices.

Days and Times: To be seen, you must sign in at least 5 minutes before we close.

  • Wednesday: 1pm-2pm and 3pm-4pm
  • Friday: 9am-11am

15-minute sessions for long-term planning. This type of advising is available in person and via Zoom. 

Location: Varies

on VAC Required? No.

Days and Times:  Appointments are scheduled between 8am and 3pm Monday through Friday in weeks 3-6 and week 10, only. Appointments should be scheduled well in advance.

When requesting an appointment, it is important to follow the steps below and provide all of the requested information. Pre-meeting info. will be sent along with your confirmed appointment day, time, and location.

To request an appointment, please follow these three steps:

  1. Read ALL past contact records and academic notices in the VAC. After that, proceed to step 2.

  2. Click here to submit relevant documents for review (note: we may process your document ahead of your appointment taking place, especially if it is time-sensitive). Then move on to step 3. 

  3. Copy and paste the text below into a VAC message to PHYSICS and fill out the information before hitting submit.

Hi! I'd like to request an appointment with Physics Advising. Here are ALL of the days and times I can meet throughout the week (8am - 3pm only):


Here are the topics and questions I want to discuss:

Topic 1: 
My questions are: 

Topic 2:
My questions are: 

Topic 3:
My questions are: 


If you need to cancel/reschedule your appointment: 

  • It is your responsibility to alert PHYSICS through the VAC at least 24 hours in advance of your appointment and to submit a new appointment request. 

If you miss your appointment and gave no notice that you need to cancel/reschedule:

You may request a new appointment. In most cases, your new appointment will be scheduled at least one week after the missed appointment. If your missed appointment falls in the last week of appointments for the term, your new appointment will be scheduled in the subsequent term.

1-hour group sessions on particular topics such as how to personalize your plan for graduation, how to plan for a double major, how to plan for a minor, opportunities to apply for or join research programs, etc. 

Location: Varies.

on VAC Required? No.

Days and Times:  The days and times can vary depending on the event.

Click here to see our Fall 2023 line-up of academic group advising sessions. 

Click here to see our Fall 2023 line-up of professional development group advising sessions (hosted in collaboration with the Student Success Center & Career Services). Advanced registration is required for each event (use sign-up links below). 

Week 0 Student Success Center overview

Week 1 Research Opportunities  

Week 2 Introduction to Career & Life Design  

Week 3 How To Start Building Your Networks and Developing an Elevator Pitch

Week 4 Professional Interviewing 101

Week 5 Mentorship and the long game: A Journey of Discovery, Guidance, and Support

Week 6 Everything You Need to Know About The Co-Curricular Record

Week 7 Building a Resume and Cover Letter

Week 9  What to do with a Career in Physics?  


Upcoming Physics-Advising Closures

Physics Advising closes in correlation with campus closures. When the VAC closes, advising is unavailable (there are no drop-ins or appointments, and VAC messaging is also unavailable). Please take note of upcoming VAC closures:


Campus Closed 

VAC Closes 

VAC Re-Opens 

Veteran’s Day

November 10

November 9 at 12pm

November 13 at 8am


November 23-24

November 22 at 12pm

November 27 at 8am

Winter Break

December 25-January 1

December 22 at 12pm

January 4 at 8am

Martin Luther King Jr. Holiday

January 15

January 12 at 12pm

January 16 at 8am

President’s Day

February 19

February 16 at 12pm

February 20 at 8am

Cesar Chavez Holiday

March 29

March 28 at 12pm

April 1 at 8am

Memorial Day 

May 27

May 24 at 12pm

May 28 at 8am


June 19

June 18 at 12pm

June 20 at 8am

Independence Day

July 4

July 3 at 12pm

July 5 at 8am

Labor Day 

September 2

August 30 at 12pm

September 3 at 8am