The minor in physics consists of seven courses (twenty-eight units) of letter-graded physics course work from the following list with at least five courses (twenty units) coming from upper-division course work:

  • Physics 2C-2D or Physics 4D-4E
  • Physics 100–178

Lower-division courses (including transfer course work) can overlap between a major and minor without restriction; however, no more than two upper-division courses (a maximum of eight units) may overlap between a major and a minor. Upper-division courses being applied to the minor must be taken at UC San Diego in the Department of Physics. Students must earn a grade of C– or above in all courses applied to the minor, including transfer course work. The minimum overall GPA requirement for the minor is a 2.0. A petition is required for any waivers/substitutions to the minor requirements (e.g., applying a non–UC San Diego upper-division physics course).

Within the parameters outlined above, students will select the specific courses that will be applied to the minor. Students can declare the physics minor at any point prior to their graduating quarter. Minor proposals must be submitted via the major/minor tool on TritonLink.

Keep the following in mind:

  • Per campus policy, a max of 8.0 upper division units (2 courses) may be shared between a major and a minor. (There is no limit on the number of lower division units that may be shared between a major and minor.)
  • Your minor proposal can only include the 7 courses being applied to the minor, even if you plan to take (or have already taken) additional courses.
  • Although you must list specific upper division courses on your minor proposal, the degree audit will automatically pick-up any eligible upper division phyiscs course you take.
  • We strictly enforce pre-reqs for all courses in the department. You will need to look ahead to ensure your eligibility to enroll in the courses you want to have applied to the minor.
  • Some of our courses are open to all majors through WebReg and you can enroll as long as you meet the listed pre-reqs. However, most of our core upper division sequences (i.e. those in the 100, 105, 110, 120, 130, and 140 series) are open to students with a PY major code, only. Yet and still, if our target enrollment numbers are not reached by that population, we will consider enrollment requests from students in other major codes by way of the campus' preauthorization system called EASy starting on the first day of instruction for the term. If you submit your request early it will be put on administrative hold until the first day of instruction. Make sure that you attach a copy of your UCSD Academic History Report to your EASy request - we will be checking to ensure you've met the listed pre-reqs before we check for available seating.
  • There is no priority seating/enrollment for students minoring in physics. Refer to the instructions above for requesting clearance to enroll in courses that list a major code restriction in the catalog.