Faculty Retirement

Faculty and academic appointees that are nearing retirement readiness. Should reach out to the Faculty Retirement Liaison they can assist in communicating with health care facilitators, staff in Human Resources, and the Retirement Administration Service Center (RASC). He is also available to help faculty members planning for retirement to structure and negotiate pre- and post-retirement arrangements.

Faculty Retirement Liaison, Professor Dimsdale is available to meet with faculty individually, as well as making presentations on campus.  To initiate a meeting, please contact him via email at jdimsdale@ucsd.edu. Read the 10/30/15 campus notice about Professor Emeritus Dimsdale's appointment to learn more about his experience.


Faculty members should also discuss retirement plans with the Chair to explore the possibility of an individual Pathway to Retirement Plan. You can establish a specific date for retirement up to two years in the future and develop a plan of research, teaching, and service prior to separation. If the Chair chooses to develop such, it will then need to be reviewed and approved by the Chair, Dean, and the EVC.

Possible components of such a plan may include a modified teaching schedule for up to one year, a deferral of an upcoming review (which could otherwise entail augmented teaching or service responsibilities), summer ninths for specific research or assignments performed, office or laboratory space, or some other benefit.


Retirement At Your Service-UCRAYS--Use the UCOP Retirement At Your Service site UCRAYS for viewing your service credit, seeing a UCRP retirement estimator for your benefits, accessing retirement status tracker and document upload features, editing contact information, and adjusting your beneficiaries.  

At Your Service -- While many retirement related features have transitioned to UCRAYS,  at your service will continue to house information about historical W2s before the transition to UC PATH and historical paycheck information.

My UC Retirement – Well before retirement, many appointees are interested in seeing how to maximize their pensions in the golden years.  Visit this page for information on saving and investing. A useful projection tool is the Retirement Review feature on this page.

Fidelity Retirement Services: Fidelity Retirement Services is the record-keeping and account services company for the UC Retirement Savings Program [Defined Contribution, Tax-Deferred 403(b), and 457(b) Deferred Compensation Plans]. Fidelity can provide account balances and other information about your accounts. In addition, it has interactive planning tools and other information to help you plan for your financial needs in retirement.  UC San Diego appointees can meet with a Fidelity Planning and Advice Consultant at any time, for a one on one meeting, by requesting a consultation at 1-800-343-0860 or visiting their request a consultation page.

UCnet Retirement Benefits –Visit the UC-wide retirement page for many resources, including a Retirement planning resources page with links to online tools, schedules for retirement benefit classes and webinars, and contact information for the UC Retirement Administration Service Center (RASC). You may also read about plan eligibilities and retirement plan provisions by date of hire, learn how to designate beneficiaries, and see the UC Retirement Handbook for more helpful guidance.

Blink Benefits Representatives – For a more detailed assessment, you can contact a UC San Diego benefits counselor about your years of service, potential retirement benefits according to your employment, and more. 

See this video from RASC on preparing for retirement.

UCnet Retiree Health and Welfare Benefits  -- UC Net's page on continuation and change of benefits post-retirement is helpful.   When you speak with a campus benefits representative, ask how your retirement will affect your health and welfare benefits coverage.