Annual Graduate Funding Plan- Effective March 2024

To ensure best practices in navigating the complex new landscape for GSRs and TAs with the new UAW contract, the department will be changing its process for administering graduate funding.The new process is designed to simplify many aspects of how you oversee your funds, minimizing administrative oversight, streamlining communication, and reducing the frequency of support inquiries from staff.

You will now engage in annual discussions--late March/early April--with your Research Admin/Fund Manager to develop an annual support plan for your students, replacing the annual survey previously conducted by Student Affairs. Research Admins/Fund Managers will then conduct simple quarterly check-ins to review funding statuses with you.

While we understand that there may be (hopefully rare) unforeseen changes to funding portfolios, you are generally expected to adhere to this annual plan, as this will spare you and the department from dealing with responding to grievances, retroactive payments, or resolving overpayment issues. Exception requests will need to be submitted in writing at least 60 days prior to the effective date of the requested change. Please contact your Research Admin/Fund Manager to assist you with the routing of your exception request.

For questions, please contact Jasmyn Hornbuckle Wuerthwein (