Physics Short-Term Visitor Offices

Updated 2021-2022 Academic Year

The Department has allocated certain offices for use by short-term visitors (e.g., seminar speakers and others who are here for just a week or two or shorter). The current list is:

  • MH 3138 (1)
  • MHA 3541 (3)
  • MHA 3561 (2)
  • MHA 3691 (3)
  • MH 4414 (2)
  • MH 5418 (2)
  • MHA 5571 (2)
  • MHA 5581 (3)
  • UH 6234 (2)

Each of these visitor offices contains:

  • 1-3 desks (indicated above in parenthesis)
  • 1-3 desk chairs
  • 1-2 side chairs
  • a whiteboard
  • access to the campus' wireless network

The process for requesting access to these spaces is:

  1. At least one week prior to the visit, faculty with short-term visitors needing an office should email their faculty assistant and provide the following:

    • the visitor's name
    • the visitor’s home institution
    • the dates the visitor will be on campus and need access to the office
    • a preference (if any) for which building, floor and/or room the visitor would occupy
    • whether or not the visitor will need to access the building outside of normal working hours.
  2. The faculty assistant will send a return email confirming the dates and indicating which room has been assigned, copying the department facilities manager in case a separate access card is necessary.

  3. The faculty member or their designee should make arrangements with the faculty assistant to pick up (AND RETURN) the office key from the faculty assistant. Facilities manager will also have keys available in the event that the faculty assistant is not on campus to distribute keys.

  4. Most visitor offices are set up to have visitors share the office at the same time, so visitors should expect to share their assigned office.

  5. Keys will normally be issued no more than two business days before the visitor's arrival and should be returned no more than one business day after the visitor's departure. Other arrangements can be made for predictable and regularly recurring needs: it would be appropriate, for example, to schedule one of these spaces every week during the academic year for CM seminar speakers and to issue a key on a quarterly basis to the faculty member overseeing the seminar arrangements.

  6. Faculty and assistant are responsible for cleaning up and preparing the office for the next visitor.

  7. Link to Visitor Office assignment shared worksheet is located here. Faculty and hosts have viewing rights, while administrative staff and facilities supervisor have editing capabilities. To use the form, please follow these instructions:

    • Using faculty preference, please review which room is available on the date and time of need.

    • Log the estimated date and time in/out.

    • Some offices have multiple workstations. If your guest will occupy a shared office, please indicate which office ('A', ‘B’, or 'C') will be used. If your guest is the first entry at that specific date/time, you will log 'A', and so forth. There is no specific desk/chair assigned to the A/B/C spaces—it's first come, first serve.

    • Complete all fields in the worksheet.

    • Do not override someone else's entry. Only the original requestor can edit/delete their entry.