Please see below for more Academic Funding Opportunities. Your Research Administrator/Fund Manager may assist in filling out these applications.


This program provides travel funds up to $250 for UCSD Academic Senate members and registered graduate students in support of research projects and collaborations only to other campuses and facilities of the University of California. This does not include attendance at conferences, business meetings, talks, or presentations of seminars.

Reimbursements are restricted to round-trip airfare (lowest published fare not to exceed $250/trip), train fare, or mileage in lieu of airfare. Funds are not to be used for service fees, flight changes, insurance, baggage fees, subsistences, taxis, parking fees, meals, etc.

For consideration, please complete application here. An application must be submitted and approved prior to travel date. Requests for funding after the trip has begun or been completed will not be considered.

If you have questions about the department procedures, please contact Jasmyn Wuerthwein.

For questions regarding the Academic Senate’s General Campus Grant Funding program, please see their reference page.