Purchasing at UC San Diego

Buying & Paying for Goods & Services

Learn polices and best practices for shopping for goods or services on behalf of the University. Access tools and resources that streamline the buy/pay process.


Ways to Buy Goods and Services

Click to learn the best ways to purchase goods and services for your department.


Ways to Pay for Common, Routine Purchases

Please refer here to determine the appropriate method of payment for common, routine purchases.


Procurement Card
  • Become a cardholder please submit requests to Todd Hlifka,  the department Procurement Card Administrator. 

  • Restricted Purchases 

  • Request an increase to your Procurement Card- Please fill out this form and forward to Todd Hlifka,  the department Procurement Card Administrator.

  • Report a lost, stolen, or fraudulent charges by calling the number on the back of your Procurement Card.


Oracle Procurement and Purchase Orders

The Procurement Card is the preferred method for buying many types of goods and services under $4,999. This reference provides basic guidelines and helpful information about your card.


On Campus Retailers - Via Recharge

Recharge is payment method where the expense is directly billed to a department index. 


Surplus Sales

Surplus Sales serves as an outlet to dispose of used, excess UCSD property. Read about buying from or sending items to Surplus.



Learn what you need to do if you want to purchase supplies or equipment for your department through an auction.