Helium & Nitrogen Recharges

Facilities Manager, Lester Brooks | Phone: (858) 534-1027

To order liquid helium to be delivered to your lab, please submit request here. Subject to availability due to a Helium shortage.

Liquid Nitrogen can be obtained through a self-serve mechanism in Mayer Hall. Please utilize this link to record your withdrawal from the facility.

Physics Machine Shop

Location: Mayer Hall 1030
Fax: (858) 534-0173

Manager, Brad Hanson | Phone: (858) 534-7049

Physics Electronics Shop

Location: Mayer Hall Addition 3623

Manager, Mike Rezin


For billing statements, please email Mike Phan . For Helium or Nitrogen information or emergencies, please contact Facilities Manager, Lester Brooks | Phone: (858) 534-1027