Antoinette (Toni) Moore is our Undergraduate Advisor and is available to provide assistance to current and prospective undergraduate students regarding course offerings, enrollment, the major, the minor, petitions, transfer courses, how to get involved with research, and more! After consulting with Toni she may recommend that you meet with a Physics Faculty Advisor. In such a case, Toni will help you setup your appointment with the appropriate faculty member. Determine which advising option is best for you, then review our days & hours of availability.

In-Person Advising

In-person advising is available in Mayer Hall Addition 2581 each week of each academic term (i.e. fall, winter, spring, summer session 1, and summer session 2). In-person advising is unavailable during breaks between academic terms (i.e. winter break, spring break, weeks immediately before summer session 1 and immediately after summer session 2).

In-person advising days and hours are:

  • Mondays:
  • 8am - 11am (arrive by 10:45am to be seen)
  • 1:30pm - 3pm (arrive by 2:45pm to be seen)
  • Tuesdays:
  • 8am - 9am (arrive by 8:45am to be seen)
  • 1:30pm - 3pm (arrive by 2:45pm to be seen)
  • Thursdays:
  • 8am - 9am (arrive by 8:45am to be seen)
  • 1:30pm - 3pm (arrive by 2:45pm to be seen)

Advising Appointments

Advising appointments are available in weeks 3-10 during the in-person advising days & hours above. To request an appointment please send a message through the Virtual Advising Center (VAC).
Please make sure you:

  • indicate that you hope to meet and the reason(s) why
  • include your availability during all in-person advising day & hours
  • avoid requesting a same/next day appointment
  • avoid listing availability that falls outside of the in-person advising days & hours
  • avoid requesting an appointment for weeks 0-2, during finals week, or during school breaks (i.e. summer break, winter break, spring break)

Electronic Advising

Electronic advising is available through the VAC. With the exception of office/campus closures you can submit an inquiry anytime. Toni reads and responds to messages in the order received and only during the work-week (Mon - Fri). Please Note: Advising is not available via phone/email for current students.

Prospective Student Department Undergraduate Advising Contact

Toni Moore - Undergraduate Program Advising