Outreach Resources

List of Available Equipment and Demos for Outreach Events

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APS Outreach Guide

Linked here is an excellent resource for planning an outreach event provided by The American Physical Society. The site has information on organizing many types of events.  Including:

  • Public Lectures
  • Open Houses
  • Science Cafes
  • Demo Shows (on campus and off)
  • Working with Museums

If you are starting out fresh with an idea this would be a good place to start to begin the brainstorming process.

Instructional Resources for Outreach Programs

Lesson Plans Authored by Professor Adam Burgasser:

Sample Plan for a Large Group of Students for 4 hours

Linked here is an example plan and outline for facilitating an event aimed at a large group of students.  It can be useful as a template for planning a similar event.  Feel free to copy the plan and edit it as you may need.  This plan was authored by Professor Adam Burgasser.