Physics serves as the foundation of all science. Advances in physics permit the creation of new technologies that enhance our lives, the development of new industries that drive economic growth, and the invention of new tools to improve health care.

Physics has had a direct impact on the way we live today. Imagine, if you will, staying in touch with friends and family without cell phones, computers, or the internet. Imagine health care without Xrays or MRI's. Imagine a world without digital cameras, solar power, or earthquake-resistant structures. While we sometimes take these things for granted, none of them would exist had physicists not discovered and articulated the underlying fundamental laws of nature.

New discoveries may be just around the corner. We continue to conduct ground-breaking research and to prepare young scientists to explore new opportunities that have the potential of improving our lives and the lives of future generations.

The Physics activities fund supports a broad range of instructional and research activities such as:

  • Recruiting and retaining the very best faculty and students
  • Providing seed funding for research
  • Acquiring and maintaining equipment for our instructional laboratories
  • Supporting professional development activities for staff
  • Sending students to research conferences to present the results of their work
  • Reaching out to disadvantaged populations

To contribute to this fund through our secure online giving site, please click here. See Giving to Physics for other options.