UCSD students hoping to take physics at another UC should contact PHYSICS through VAC for equivalency information (we do not use petitions for this).

In order to receive physics course equivalency credit for courses taken outside of UCSD, students must send their official transcripts from other schools to the UCSD Office of Admissions. After transcripts are received it takes approximately 8 weeks for the courses to be added to the student's UCSD record. Courses taken at community colleges in the state of California may have formal articulation as a UCSD Physics course. Check Assist.org for details. Any course (or set of courses) that does not have an official articulation with UCSD, as listed on Assist.org, must be formally reviewed by the UCSD Physics Department for potential equivalency credit.


UCSD Good Grades College
PHYS 2A Physics - Mechanics (4) PHYS 105 Mechanics (5)
PHYS 2B Physics - Electricity & Magnetism (4) PHYS 106 Electricity & Magnetism (5)
PHYS 2BL Physics Lab - Mechanics & Electrostatics (2) PHYS 105 Mechanics (5)
PHYS 2C Physics - Fluids, Waves, Thermodynamics, and Optics (4) PHYS 105 &
PHYS 106 &
PHYS 107
Electricity & Magnetism
Waves, Optics, Modern Physics

In the articulation above we see the following:

  • PHYS 105, alone, must be completed to earn UCSD PHYS 2A course equivalency. Since PHYS 105 is also listed as the equivalent of UCSDs PHYS 2BL a student who completes PHYS 105 will also earn UCSD PHYS 2BL course equivalency.
  • PHYS 106, alone, must be completed to earn UCSD PHYS 2B course equivalency.
  • PHYS 105, 106, and 107 must all be completed at Good Grades College to earn UCSD PHYS 2C course equivalency. In this case the student also earns UCSD PHYS 2A, 2B, and 2BL course equivalency, per the previous bullet points.

Notice that course equivalency is awarded despite the differing unit values between the schools.

Please check out the Assist.org Tutorial Videos to learn more about how to use Assist website.

FAQs regarding Missing Physics Course Equivalency Credit

  • I sent my transcript from another school to UCSD over 8 weeks ago but my transfer work does not appear on my UCSD academic history at all. How should I proceed?
  • Check Tritonlink to ensure your transcript was received by UCSD. If so, contact the UCSD Office of Admissions and ask about the status of your transcript review. If not, contact the school where you took the course to ensure they sent the transcript to the UCSD Office of Admissions.
  • I sent my transcript from another school to UCSD, my physics transfer work does appear on my UCSD academic history, but the UCSD physics course equivalency does not appear on my record. How should I proceed?
  • Determine which category on the chart below that you fit into and follow instructions for that category:
  • IF Transfer work is from ONE California community college (Note: courses from colleges in the same district are NOT considered "one" community college)
  • AND Transfer work satisfies articulation agreement on Assist.org (100% match)
Contact the Staff Undergraduate Advisor through the Virtual Advising Center (VAC) and indicate the following:
  1. The name of the school where you completed the transfer work
  2. What UCSD Physics course equivalency is missing from your record
  • IF Transfer work is from a single California community college but does not satisfy articulation agreement on Assist.org (not a 100% match)
  • OR Transfer work is from multiple CA community colleges (including schools in the same district)
  • OR Transfer work is from another university in California and therefore does not have an articulation with UCSD Physics on Assist.org
  • OR Transfer work is from a college/university outside of California
You will need to submit a formal petition to have your course(s) reviewed for UCSD Physics course equivalency. Refer to the Petitions in Physics page for details.