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Department of Physics Faculty At A Glance

Dr. Henry Abarbanel

Dr. Michael Anderson

Dr. Daniel Arovas

Dr. Richard Averitt

Dr. Julio Barreiro

Dr. Dimitri Basov

Dr. James Branson

Dr. Adam Burgasser

Dr. Leonid Butov

Dr. Alison Coil

Dr. Eva-Maria S. Collins

Dr. Max (Massimiliano) Di Ventra

Dr. Patrick Diamond

Dr. Fred Driscoll

Dr. Daniel Dubin

Dr. Olga Dudko

Dr. Michael Fogler

Dr. George Fuller

Dr. Kim Griest

Dr. Benjamin Grinstein

Dr. Alexander Groisman

Dr. Jorge Hirsch

Dr. Michael Holst

Dr. Terence Hwa

Dr. Kenneth Intriligator

Dr. Elizabeth Jenkins

Dr. Suckjoon Jun

Dr. Brian Keating

Dr. Dusan Keres

Dr. David Kleinfeld

Dr. Julius Kuti

Dr. Aneesh Manohar

Dr. M. Maple

Dr. John McGreevy

Dr. Thomas Murphy

Dr. Michael Norman

Dr. Thomas O'Neil

Dr. Hans Paar

Dr. Ivan Schuller

Dr. Vivek Sharma

Dr. Oleg Shpyrko

Dr. Sunil Sinha

Dr. Douglas Smith

Dr. Clifford Surko

Dr. David Tytler

Dr. Massimo Vergassola

Dr. Congjun Wu

Dr. Frank Wuerthwein

Dr. Avi (Avraham) Yagil

Science in the News

UCSD Physics Awards

David Kleinfeld awarded prestigious BRAIN flagship grant from the National Institutes of Health

David Kleinfeld (Physics, Neurobiology, and ECE) and his colleagues Martin Deschenes (Laval), Yoav Freund (CSE) and Martyn Goulding (Salk and Neurobiology) were awarded a... Read More

Ph.D student Leandra Boucheron Wins Poster Award at 2014 APS Users Meeting
Leandra Boucheron, a graduate student in Oleg Shpyrko's group at the University of California, San Diego, won an award for best student poster at the Advanced Photon Sour... Read More

Professor Sunil Sinha recipient 2014 Clifford G. Shull Prize
"In recognition of his deep and lasting experimental and theoretical contributions to the areas of Quantum Liquids and Solids, Superconductivity, Magnetism, Soft Condens... Read More

UCSD Physics student Ian Schanning selected member of the Bouchet Graduate Honor Society for 2014
UCSD Physics Graduate student Ian Schanning has been selected to be a member of the UC San Diego Chapter of the Bouchet Graduate Honor Society for 2014. Ian's nomination ... Read More

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UCSD Physics News

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POLARBEAR Detects Curls in the Universe's Oldest Light

Cosmologists have made the most sensitive and precise measurements yet of the polarization of the cosmic microwave background.

The report, published October 20 in ...Read More

Quantum Design Supports UC San Diego Physics Students with $279,000 Gift
Physics majors at the University of California, San Diego will have the opportunity to gain experience and training on the same high-tech tools that industry researcher...Read More

Dimitri Basov selected "Experimental Investigators in Quantum Materials" by The Gordon and Betty Moore Foundation

The Gordon and Betty Moore Foundation, after a national competition, has selected nineteen Moore Experimental Investigators in Quantum Materials. Through grants to 11 ...Read More

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UCSD Physics Colloquium


    Title:  "The Twisted Universe: The Discovery of B-Mode Polarization"
    Time:   4:00PM
    Speaker:  Brian Keating
    Affiliation:  UCSD Physics Dept.
    Location:  Garren Auditorium (BSB)

UCSD Physics Seminars


    Title:  "Quantum Spin Hall States and Interlayer Interactions in Twisted Bilayer Graphene"
    Time:   3:00PM
    Research Group:  Special Condensed Matter Physics Seminar
    Speaker:  Javier Sanchez-Yamagishi
    Affiliation:  MIT
    Location:  5623 MHA


    Title:  "2D Oxide Nanostructures: A Rich Platform for Design and Synthesis of Novel Electronic Phases and Functionalities"
    Time:   4:00PM
    Research Group:  Condensed Matter Physics Seminar
    Speaker:  Warren E. Pickett
    Affiliation:  UC Davis
    Location:  4322 Mayer Hall


    Title:  TBA
    Time:   4:00PM
    Research Group:  Astrophysics Seminar
    Speaker:  Peter Behroozi, Giacconi Postdoctoral Fellow, STScI
    Affiliation:  "Insights into Galaxy Formation from z=15 to the Present Day?
    Location:  SERF 383


    Title:  TBA
    Time:   2:00PM
    Research Group:  Special Condensed Matter Physics Seminar
    Speaker:  Prof. H. Q. Lin, Beijing Computational Science Research Center
    Affiliation:  "Studies on Recent Discovered Organic Superconductors"
    Location:  Mayer Room

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