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Department of Physics Faculty At A Glance

Dr. Henry Abarbanel

Dr. Michael Anderson

Dr. Daniel Arovas

Dr. Richard Averitt

Dr. Julio Barreiro

Dr. Dimitri Basov

Dr. James Branson

Dr. Adam Burgasser

Dr. Leonid Butov

Dr. Alison Coil

Dr. Eva-Maria S. Collins

Dr. Max (Massimiliano) Di Ventra

Dr. Patrick Diamond

Dr. Fred Driscoll

Dr. Daniel Dubin

Dr. Olga Dudko

Dr. Michael Fogler

Dr. George Fuller

Dr. Kim Griest

Dr. Benjamin Grinstein

Dr. Alexander Groisman

Dr. Jorge Hirsch

Dr. Michael Holst

Dr. Terence Hwa

Dr. Kenneth Intriligator

Dr. Elizabeth Jenkins

Dr. Suckjoon Jun

Dr. Brian Keating

Dr. Dusan Keres

Dr. David Kleinfeld

Dr. Quinn Konopacky

Dr. Julius Kuti

Dr. Aneesh Manohar

Dr. M. Maple

Dr. John McGreevy

Dr. Thomas Murphy

Dr. Michael Norman

Dr. Thomas O'Neil

Dr. Hans Paar

Dr. Jeremie Palacci

Dr. Ivan Schuller

Dr. Vivek Sharma

Dr. Oleg Shpyrko

Dr. Sunil Sinha

Dr. Douglas Smith

Dr. Clifford Surko

Dr. David Tytler

Dr. Massimo Vergassola

Dr. Shelley Wright

Dr. Congjun Wu

Dr. Frank Wuerthwein

Dr. Avi (Avraham) Yagil

Science in the News

UCSD Physics Awards

Professor Cliff Surko awarded 2014 James Clerk Maxwell Prize for Plasma Physics

"For the invention of and development of techniques to accumulate, confine, and utilize positron plasmas, and for seminal experimental studies of waves and tur... Read More

Cosmology Prize Recognizes 'Inventive' Proposed Test of Fundamental Physics
Two UC San Diego astrophysicists together with a colleague at Columbia University have been awarded a 2014 Buchalter Cosmology Prize for a paper proposing a way to signif... Read More

Brian Keating wins NASA Achievement Award
Brian Keating wins NASA Achievement Award from Administrator Charles Bolden for designing and flying the Cosmic Infrared Background ExpeRiment (CIBER) four times on a NAS... Read More

Sunil Sinha awarded the 2015 Roentgen Medal for X-ray Science
UCSD Physics Professor Sunil Sinha was awarded the Roentgen Medal for X-ray Science to be presented in 2015 by the Mayor of Reimscheid, the town where Roentgen was born... Read More

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UCSD Physics News

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Former UC San Diego Physics Majors Receive Prestigious NSF Fellowships

Ms. Priscilla Kelly and Ms. Lisa Krayer were awarded NSF Graduate Fellowships to continue their studies in Physics.

While at UC San Diego Ms. Kelly worked in the ...Read More

Chelsey Dorow receives prestigious NSF Graduate Research Fellowship
Chelsey Dorow, UCSD Physics graduate student, has been awarded a NSF Graduate Research Fellowship.

Chelsey is working with Professor Leonid Butov to study the physi...Read More

Professors Brian Keating and Mike Norman receive 2014 UC San Diego Diversity Award
Congratulations to Brian Keating and Mike Norman for being nominated by Suresh Subramani - Executive Vice Chancellor of Academic Affairs to receive a 2014 UC San Diego Di...Read More

Search for extraterrestrial intelligence extends to new realms
Astronomers have expanded the search for extraterrestrial intelligence into a new realm with detectors tuned to infrared light. Their new instrument has just begun to sco...Read More

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UCSD Physics Colloquium


    Title:  "Oxide Nanoelectronics"
    Time:   4:00PM
    Speaker:  Chang-Beom Eom
    Affiliation:  Department of Materials Science and Engineering, University of Wisconsin-Madison
    Location:  Mayer Room 4322


    Title:  "The Early Universe and Thereafter As Seen by the Atacama Cosmology Telescope"
    Time:   4:00PM
    Speaker:  Suzanne Staggs
    Affiliation:  Princeton University
    Location:  Garren Auditorium (BSB)

UCSD Physics Seminars


    Title:  "Magnetic Fields at Low Temperatures: Cool Stars, Brown Dwarfs, and (Eventually) Exoplanets"
    Time:   4:00PM
    Research Group:  Astrophysics Seminar
    Speaker:  Peter Williams, Postdoctoral Fellow
    Affiliation:  Harvard College Observatory
    Location:  SERF 383


    Title:  "Quantum Light-Matter Interfaces Based on Rare-Earth-Doped Crystals and Nano-Photonics"
    Time:   4:00PM
    Research Group:  Condensed Matter Physics Seminar
    Speaker:  Andrei Faraon
    Affiliation:  Caltech
    Location:  Mayer Room


    Title:  "Optical Properties of Iron-Based Multiband Conductors and Superconductors"
    Time:  12:00PM
    Research Group:  Special Condensed Matter Physics Seminar
    Speaker:  Christopher Homes
    Affiliation:  Condensed Matter Physics and Materials Science Dept., Brookhaven National Laboratory
    Location:  Mayer Room

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