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UCSD Physics Colloquium

Thursday, February 22

Discovery of the chiral Majorana fermion and its application to topological quantum computing
4:00PM, BSB Garren Auditorium
Shoucheng Zhang, Professor of Physics, Stanford University

UCSD Physics Seminars

Tuesday, February 20

High Energy Theory Seminar
1:00PM, Mayer Hall Addition 5623
Mark Wise, Caltech

Wednesday, February 21

'Sow's Ears to Silk Purses: Is Pitchblende a Quantum Mineral'
Condensed Matter Seminar
4:00PM, Mayer Room 4322
Prof. Steven Conradson, Polaronix Corporation

Thursday, February 22

'Morphogen dynamics control patterning in a stem cell model of the human embryo'During embryonic development, diffusible signaling molecules called morphogens are thought to determine cell fates in a concentration-dependent manner, and protocols for directed stem cell differentiation are based on this picture. However, in the mammalian embryo, morphogen concentrations change rapidly compared to the time for making cell fate decisions. It is unknown how cells process these changing signals, and whether the p
Faculty Search - Idse Heemskerk
9:30AM, Mayer Hall 5301
Dr. Idse Heemskerk, Rice University

Tuesday, February 27

Princeton Plasma Laboratory
Plasma Physics Seminar
2:00PM, SERF 329
Arash Ashourvan, Research Associate

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