Students who have qualifying Advanced Placement (AP), International Baccalaureate (IB), or A-Level credit in Physics may receive exemption from one or more UCSD Physics courses used for their major. In order to receive any course exemptions student must first send their official test scores to the UCSD Office of Admissions. After test scores are received it takes approximately 8 weeks for the courses to be added to the student's UCSD record.

For AP/IB Credit:

Refer to the UCSD General Catalog that was in place at the time of your exam to see the exemption you qualify for (ex. Students who took the "AP Physics B" exam during Spring 2010 should refer to the 2009-10 catalog), then check your UCSD Academic History Report on Tritonlink to verify that the appropriate exemption is reflected. If you believe the wrong exemption is listed on your Academic History Report, contact Physics Advising through the Virtual Advising Center (VAC) and be sure to indicate the following:

  1. The AP/IB credit in question (ex. "AP Physics C Mechanics, received score of 5")
  2. The UCSD course exemption currently listed on your academic record (ex. “UCSD Phys. 1A, UCSD Phys. 1B”)
  3. The exemption you believe you should have received based on the UCSD General Catalog for the year (ex. "UCSD Phys. 2A, UCSD Phys. 2B")

For A-Level Credit:

Students must download and submit an Undergraduate Student Petition.pdf to request UCSD Physics course equivalency credit. Refer to the Petitions in Physics page for details. Be sure to include a copy of your exam scores with your petition.