Lu Sham

Lu Sham

Ph. D., Cambridge University, 1963


Office: MH 5422
Phone: 858-534-3269

Research Statement

My specialty is condensed matter theory. My current interest is in optical control of electron spins in semiconductor nanostructures, for quantum information processing and spintronics. My overall interest is in many-body theory in solids, especially the density functional theory, the electron-phonon effects and the many-body contribution to optical properties in semiconductors.The current and past research topics include: (Please click on a topic to see a brief description and a selection of papers.)

1. Optical control of electron spin and exciton in semiconductor nanodots for quantum information and computation Optical html file
2. Spin dynamics in semiconductor heterostructures Spintronics html file
3. Exciton correlation and nonlinear optical processes Exciton html file
4. Strongly correlated semiconductors Correlated html file
5. Density functional theory DFT html file

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