Sheldon Schultz

Sheldon Schultz

Ph. D., Columbia University, 1960


Office: MHA 2591
Phone: 858-534-4078
Secondary Phone: 858-271-3374

Research Statement

The Schultz research group at UCSD is actively involved in the development and implementation of their newly discovered "Left Handed Meta Materials" (see Publications of the year 2000 and Patent 2 ) with entirely new electro-magnetic properties, including the experimental demonstration of a negative index of refraction material (see Publication 7). Other interests include: Photonic Band Gap (PBG) structures (with controlled defects as cavities for high gradient Linear Accelerators), Plasmon resonant nano-particles (PRPs) as optical transducers for biochemical and clinical medical applications (see Patent 1); PRP based Kerr Scanning Near-field Optical Microscopy; sub-micron magnetic particles; Advanced Instrumentation; and microwave spectroscopy (CESR, TESR, dilute-local moments, spin glasses, and superconductors.