Sally Ride

Sally Ride

Ph. D., Stanford, 1978


Office: SERF

Research Statement

My research interests center on the theory of nonlinear beam-wave interactions, primarily connected with free electron lasers and related nonlinear systems. I have published work on the single particle description of conventional free electron lasers, and analysis of novel lasers (e.g., FELs in axial magnetic fields, and laser processes which may occur naturally). I am also interested in scattering of intense lasers off beams and plasmas, and more recently, in certain areas of space plasma physics, including nonlinear effects associated with Whistler propagation in the magnetosphere.

I also direct research at the California Space Institute, a University of California research unit based at UCSD. CalSpace conducts and supports space research, both pure and applied, with special emphasis on the opportunities created by space science and technology in the applied field (e.g., remote sensing, climate, and global change).