Recommended courses for Year 1

Advanced graduate courses:

Physics Ph.D. students are required to take five advanced graduate courses (with a grade of C or better) from at least three of the groups listed below no later than the end of the third year in the program. A 3.0 in four of the five courses is required. (In lieu of the course requirement, students may petition to take an oral examination covering three areas of physics.)

  • Group 1 (Plasma): Phys 218A, 218B, 218C (Plasma); Phys 235 (Nonlinear Plasma Th)
  • Group 2 (Cond. Matter): Phys 211A, 211B (Solid State); Phys 219 (Cond. Matt. Lab.); Phys 230 (Adv Solid State); Phys 232 (Electronic Materials)
  • Group 3 (Particle Phys/High Energy): Phys 214 (Elem Part); Phys 215A, 215B, 215C (Part & Fields); Phys 222A (Exp Tech Phys)
  • Group 4 (Math): Phys 210B (Nonequil Stat Mech); Phys 221A (Adv Mech); Phys 243 (Stoch Meth); Math 210A, 210B, 210C (Math Phys); Math 259A, 259B, 259C (Geom Phys)
  • Group 5 (Bio): Phys 273 (Biological Info): Phys 274 (QBio Stoch Pop Gene); Phys 275 (Fund of Biol Phys): Phys 276 (Quan Molec Bio); Phys 277 (Phys of Cell): Phys 278 (Biophys Neurons)
  • Group 6 (Astro): Phys 223 (Stel Str); Phys 224 (Instrstel Med); Phys 226 (Galaxies and Galactic Dynamics); Phys 227 (Cosmology); Phys 228 (High Energy Astrophysics and Compact Objects); Phys 238 (Observ. Astro Lab)
  • Group 7 (General): Phys 217 (Renorm Field Th); Phys 220 (Group Th); Phys 225A, 225B (Relativ)
  • Group 8 (Computational): Phys 241, 242 (Comp Phys); Phys 244 (Parallel Comp)

Note: Students enrolled in the Biophysics Ph.D. program select five courses from biology, chemistry/biochemistry, and physics in consultation with their research advisor. At least three courses must be graduate courses.