Class Lists, Course Days/Times/Locations, Student Email Addresses

Please use the "Instruction Tools" on BLINK to see the days/times/location of your course(s), to view course enrollment, and to download class lists (with email addresses). Access BLINK at:

Class Websites

The campus creates a Canvas page for each course in the Online Schedule with an instructor assigned. Please click here to see when your course's Canvas page will be created. Please use Canvas to post your course syllabus, homework, announcements, and other course materials. Click here for a quick guide on setting up your course in Canvas before the term begins. Click here for a quick guide on wrapping up your course in Canvas at the end of the term. It is a good idea to use Canvas even if you choose to display course information on your personal website. Access to a course in Canvas site is limited to enrolled students (and waitlisters during the enrollment period, only). Canvas is managed by a central campus IT office and not by the Physics Department and so any troubles with the system must be reported to the campus at

Requests to Audit Physics Courses

If a student wants to audit your course they are to send you an email to request permission to audit; approval of the request is at your discretion and should also be communicated via email. If you approve a student's request to audit your course and the you want to allow the student to see your Canvas information, you must log onto Canvas and follow these instructions to add the student as an observer (the Physics Department cannot grant the student access to your course in Canvas). Auditing does not enable the student to enroll/waitlist the course. Auditors will not receive credit for the course, even if they choose to audit for the entire term and/or to complete work for the course. Without prior written consent from the instructor, auditors are NOT permitted to take exams in the course, nor be present in the classroom during any exams (this would be a violation of Academic Integrity). Audited courses do not apply as pre-reqs for future courses.

Course Evaluations

Entering Grades

Please use eGrades to enter student grades during the grading period. Sign in using your Single Sign-On user name and password. If you would like assistance with eGrades please review the eGrades information page, write to, or call 858-534-3144.
Access eGrades at:

Course Reserves, Electronic Resources

Please use the web form at the link below to request that course material be placed on reserve for student use. Reserves check out of a limited load period (3 hours or 24 hours). Requests should be submitted early to ensure students’ timely access to materials. The website is:

Seeking Enrollment Data

Please use the Student Queries in the BLINK Querylink tool to obtain enrollment data from past terms. The "Campus Class List Third Week" query provides data on past enrollments.