POLARBEAR experiment showing first microwave/radio "vision"

POLARBEAR experiment showing first microwave/radio "vision" We are proud to announce that we got "first light/microwave" today with the POLARBEAR telescope in the Atacama Desert in Chile. We saw the planets Venus and Jupiter, not in the visible portion of the electromagnetic spectrum, but with microwave/radio "vision".

Doesn't look too exciting at first glance but it's the start of big things for the project and team!

It's an amazing place to be... very much like being an astronaut on Mars due to the high altitude (17,000') and the terrain. To complete the astronaut analogy most of us need to be on supplemental oxygen most of the time, which makes manual labor quite hard. But it sure beats the alternative!

More pictures of POLARBEAR may be located on Flickr, and more detailed information about POLARBEAR may be found at the Huan Tran Telescope web page.

Thanks to the whole collaboration and especially to the UCSD team (Darcy Barron, Dave Boettger, Frederick Matsuda, Nathan Miller, Stephanie Moyerman, Dr. Nathan Stebor, Praween Siritanasak) for all of their hard work and dedication!