Alexander Mendez

Alex Mendez, The Astrophysicist

Alexander Mendez I am a finishing graduate-student in observational astrophysics at the UC San Diego: Center for Astrophysics and Space Sciences. I study the multi-wavelength morphological properties of galaxies and Active Galactic Nuceli (AGN) using large redshift-surveys at z~1. I am especially interested in building and using large datasets to further our understanding of the relationship between gas and star-formation, and AGN in galaxy evolution. I have observed on many of the instruments at the Keck and Lick observatories. This work is with a large number of collaborators including Alison Coil, Jen Lotz, James Aird, Aleks Diamond-Stanic, John Moustakas, and many others. Find my publications and details about my research here.

I graduated from the University of Washington in 2008 with Bachelor of Science degrees in Astronomy, Mathematics, and Physics. In previous years, I have taught Physics 1C, Physics 5, and Physics 2CL. My office is SERF439, and I can be reached by email.

Alex Mendez, the Person

In addition to astronomy and physics, I enjoy photography, hiking, biking, programming, and building micro-controlled robots.