Fusion and Astrophysical Plasma Physics Group

The Fusion and Astrophysical Plasma Physics Group within the Physics Department and the Center for Astrophysics and Space Sciences at the University of California, San Diego is led by Professor Patrick H. Diamond and consists of two research scientists-- Mikhail Malkov, Fred Hinton, and four graduate student researchers-- and is managed by an administrative assistant.

Most Recent Publication:

"Phase-Space Jets Drive Transport and Anomalous Resistivity" - M. Lesur, P. H. Diamond and Y. Kosuga (2014)


In the presence of wave dissipation, phase-space structures spontaneously emerge in nonlinear Vlasov dynamics. These structures include not only well-known self-trapped vortices (holes) but also elongated filaments, resembling jets, as reported in this work. These jets are formed by straining due to interacting holes. Jets are highly anisotropic, and connect low and high velocity regions over a range larger than the electron thermal velocity. Jets survive long enough for particles to scatter between low and high phase-space density regions. Jets are found to contribute significantly to electron redistribution, velocity-space transport, and anomalous resistivity.



The memory of Professor Marshall N. Rosenbluth- an American plasma physicist and member of the National Academy of Sciences- who passed away on September 23, 2003.


We are working primarily on the theory of fusion plasma including:

  • Nonlinear dynamics of plasmas and fluids
  • Anomalous transport
  • Self-organized criticality in confined plasma
  • L-H transition, transport barrier physics
  • Dynamo theory
  • Nonlinear waves in space plasma



Our work is primarily funded by the Office of Fusion Energy Sciences of the U.S. Department of Energy.

Grant No. DE-FG02-04ER54738.