General Campus Grant Funding
(The General Campus Research Grant Committee)
Intercampus Exchange Program

This program provides travel funds for UCSD Academic Senate members and registered graduate students in support of research projects and collaborations only to other campuses and facilities of the University of California. This does not include attendance at conferences, business meetings, talks, or presentations of seminars.

The department will provide airfare only (not to exceed $250), or mileage in lieu of airfare to Senate members and registered graduate students only. No other expenses are allowable.

The research component of the trip (faculty consulted and the title of the project) must be recorded in the "Purpose and Destination of the Event" box on the travel reimbursement document (MyTravel or TEF) or it will not be approved.

Only one Intercampus Exchange Program award will be made to any individual in a fiscal year (July 1 - June 30). An application must be submitted and approved prior to travel date. Requests for funding after the trip has begun or been completed will not be considered.

The application form is accessible below:

Intercampus Exchange Program Travel Application (pdf)

If you have questions about the department procedures, please contact your research administrator.

For questions regarding the Academic Senate’s General Campus Grant Funding program, please see the BLINK reference provided below.