Tuesday, January 22

Het Seminar
1:00PM, Mayer Hall Addition 5623
Title: Is Quantum Field Theory Complex Enough?
Gokce Basar, UIC

Wednesday, January 23

Astrophysics Seminar
3:00PM, SERF 383
'dark Matter, First Light"
Katie Mack, Assistant Professor, North Carolina State University
Condensed Matter Seminar
4:00PM, Mayer Room 4322
Spin-Orbital Entanglement In Unconventional Superconductors By Spin-Resolved Arpes
Prof. Andrea Damascelli, U. British Columbia - Dept. of Physics & Astronomy

Thursday, January 24

Theoretical Physics In Biology Jointly With Physics Colloquium Event
4:00PM, TBA
Diversity, Tolerance, And Maturation Of The Adaptive Immune Response
Mehran Kardar, MIT

Monday, January 28

Qbio Speaker Seminar - Dr. Elaine Hsiao
3:00PM, Natural Science Building 1205
Host-Microbiome Interactions Through The Serotonergic System
Elaine Hsiao, Assistant Professor, University of California, Los Angeles